Popmatters Counts Down Country’s Top 100 All-Time Best Songs

Popmatters.com is in the midst of doing the contentious and thankless job of counting down the “Top 100 All-Time Best Country Songs.” As they mention:

We kept this list, in the words of Strait, pure country: No Wilco. No Flying Burrito Brothers. No Old 97’s. No alt-country—there’s a time and place for honoring those heroes, and this ain’t it.

We based this list on two things: popularity and our own opinions. Just because a song was popular, however, doesn’t mean it made the cut. Same goes for the quality of the songs; because of space restrictions, we had to leave a bunch of our faves on the editing-room floor.

Still, in our opinions, these are indeed the 100 best country songs of all time. Let the disagreeing begin.

Yeah it’s the list is littered with pop-country drek like Garth, McGraw and the Judds but with #45 bing Jerry Lee Lewis’ “39 and Holding” and  # 64 being Emmylou Harris’ & Gram Parsons’ “Love Hurts” it ain’t all bad….so far

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  1. Yeah, It is bit wacky like that. I guess it’s the messenger that counts more t past 1han the message. I see a lot of pop-country that I wouldn’t necessarily classify as hard or “pure” county. Actually nothing past 1949.

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