Review – Ryan Adams – Easy Tiger enfant terrible Ryan Adams once threw a hissy fit and attempted to toss a fan out of the Nashville Ryman Auditorium when during an Adams concert a member of the audience yelled “play ‘Summer Of ’69,'” referencing the hit by Canadian superstar Bryan Adams.

With his new release Easy Tiger (Lost Highway), Ryan is finally making peace with his inner Bryan.

This is most mainstream release Ryan Adams has ever done. That not to say it’s mainstream, we are still talking about the guy that channeled Beck and posted dozens of faux hip-hop and punk tracks like “Awww Shit, Look Who Got a Web Site”
Is he brilliant or nuts? Who cares?

Recorded with his Cardinals but billed as a solo effort, Easy Tiger is a taunt release with the longest track clocking in at 4:11 and most are two or three minutes this focusing and freeing Adams to create some of his best work.

Things kick off with “Goodnight Rose”, a stunning country-rock tune that is as straight forward as it is surprising in its composition and excellent guitar work. “Two” is a sweetly heart-wrenching song with barley discernable vocals by Sheryl Crow.

Halloween Head is a rave up with a free-jam feel and “Oh My God, Whatever, Etc.”, brings to mind Sufjan Stevens with its hushed vocal and delicate piano and softly plucked banjo. But it ends up all Adams
The frustrating thing about Ryan Adams is that much of the gushing ink spilled on his musical genius is sometimes very often, true. When he’s good he’s approached legend, and when he’s just okay he’s still pretty fucking great!

Ryan Adams – Two

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  1. He is quirky as hell but a genius. I’ve seen him live 5 times if you count twice with whiskeytown. 2 of the shows were very memorable the others bad irritable Ryan put adamper on things.

    Nut no doubt he is a genius. BTW I love the “inner Bryan” reference too funny!!

  2. I hear ya Chip, Ryan’s a trooper. I saw him only once. It was opening for Willie at the Beacon a year or so back and the crowd was surly and booing him the whole time. I thought he was great and when they would holler “Willie” I would holler “Ryan” just to hack them off.

    I don’t think Ryan is in the “genius” range of say Dylan or Townes Van Zandt yet but my moneys on him to get there.

  3. Randy. you have to admit that Heartbreaker is worth the price admission alone.

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